Richie Goes to Early Vote!

Being a patriotic puppy who loves the United States of America; Laura and I went to Jonesborough to vote when early voting began.

 The waiting line was very long and knowing that I couldn’t stay in the car but a few minutes, Laura asked permission to bring me in with her.  Remember, I am a therapy dog in training so I know I would have to use my “party manners” if I was allowed entry.

Before the poll judge could render a verdict on my entry, I was in her arms and giving her kisses.  You can see us in the picture that is posted.  She was very nice and gave me a qualified entry – behavior and being house broken.

 Everyone in line loved me!  There were several who even came up to Laura and asked if I was the puppy whose picture is on the billboards in Johnson City.  YES I AM!  I guess I have become a well known puppy.   We were walking down from Everlan Senior Living the other day and someone at the corner of Sharon Drive and Peoples Street put her passenger widow down and said to Laura, “is he the dog?  If so, he’s grown so much!  Laura laughed and said, “yes, he is the one.”  The lady waved at us and turned the corner and went on her away.  It just amazes us that I get attention wherever we go.

 Back to the voting – I helped everyone pass away the waiting time.  People would stop and pet me and some would rub my belly.  They didn’t care who I would have voted for.  They just liked me and I made the waiting time more fun for them.

 After voting, Laura was given the little sticker that said, “I Voted.”  She stuck it on my collar so I would feel like I had voted for my candidate of choice.

 If you haven’t early voted, please BE SURE TO VOTE NEXT TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 3rd.  We are so fortunate to live in a country where we have the privilege and responsibility to make our vote count. 

If you see me around town; stop and say hello.  I love to meet new friends!

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