Richie Goes on Vacation


It’s been several weeks since I blogged because Laura has been gone on vacation and I got to stay with my godmother,  Renee Lockhart.  I had so much fun at her house!  She spoiled me and didn’t make me do anything I didn’t want to do.  The first walk we took in the park close to her house; everyone who saw me wanted to pet me so it took twice as long as usual to complete the walk.  IT WAS FUN BECAUSE I AM A LITTLE HAM WHO LOVES ATTENTION!  I met Renee’s twenty year old cat and we tolerated each other that week.  Other than the cat, it was like I was on vacation too.

Renee took time from her very busy work schedule and came to my training class with Laurie Johnston.  Laurie oversees the kennels at Mountain Empire Animal Clinic and she is a superb trainer.  Laurie gets me and knows how to get the best from me.  You can see us together in the photo of us at the end of the training session.

Laurie Johnston & Richie

Last Friday, October 9th, I had an appointment with Dr. Ron Scott, for the last of my puppy vaccinations and rabies shot and Laurie came in to see me.  I got so excited and she had me show Dr. Scott how I could do some tricks.  He thinks I’m very smart too.  We were all astounded that I had gained 6 pounds and 3 ounces since last month.  I weigh 17 pounds 3 ounces!

I’ve been playing with my new friend Cash Ming Doodle aka Cash.  Cash is a micro doodle and lives up the hill in the apartments.  Kaley, Cash’s human Mom, dates Laura’s grandson Jack and Kaley told Laura about Pigeon Forge Golden Doodles.  We played and played twice this past weekend and had so much fun.  We just ran and rolled on each other and barked and chased.  I hope to see him again soon.

One more very exciting adventure this weekend was my first trip to Pet Smart.  Goodness!  It was like nothing I’ve ever seen.  Dogs and people were everywhere – even a blood hound who you could hear all over the store.  I was better behaved and everyone who saw me oohed and aahed over me and I received a lot of pets and compliments.

At the end of the month I’ve got some work things lined up in going out into the community with Laura

So I will tell you about them as they happen.

Have a good week everyone.  Type to you soon.


Richie Meets Cassie the Dog Groomer

Hello, everyone!  I can’t believe that this is the 6th blog I have put up on the website.  Time is flying by!

Last week I told you that I’m going to the groomer and I would tell you about my experience.  Oh, it was hard for a puppy!  My groomer’s name is Cassie and she is wonderful.  You can see my picture with her after she finished.  I loved her but hated the scissors, clippers, hair dryer and everything else associated with becoming handsome!!!!   I felt so much better to be able to get rid of that long, heavy coat of fur. 

Saturday I go for 30 minutes to “get acquainted” with the grooming instruments.  Oh, boy!  Do I not look forward to that.    If you want details about Cassie, email Laura at [email protected] and she will fill you in.

 Last night we left Tetrick Funeral Services about 8:15 p.m. after GriefShare.  When I went out the door, I saw a lady with a HUGE dog and another lady with her white, fluffy, pretty dog coming behind her.  I ran to the lady with the big dog and she called to Laura and asked if I was Little Richie and when she found out I was, she said, “Mama, this is Little Richie!  Come and meet him!”  I was lying on my back with my paws up in the air getting a belly rub by then.  They think I’m a star because they had seen my picture in the News & Neighbor and on a billboard.  

I was with a family today and they held me and petted me and took pictures of us together and they asked if they could be with me tomorrow.  After that I was with another family who loves dogs.  They had heard about me and wanted me to sit in with them.

I love my “job” and am so glad that Tetrick Funeral Services adopted me.  They even call me a Funeral Assistant.  What a prestigious title for a little pup like me!

I will have new adventures to tell you about next week so until then. . .”happy trails to you ’til we meet again!”





 I had a very labor intensive week!  Laurie Johnston came to work with me today and she put me through a 90 minute workout.  Laura told her that I woke up the other day like a 13 year old who found my bark and didn’t want to mind.  After working with me for a few minutes, Laurie agreed totally that I needed to learn to have an attitude adjustment and remember that I’m not the boss.  They put me through my paces and it may take a couple of sessions but I’ll be back to my sweet self in no time.  I’m so smart is why she said this is happening and they will have to get me back in line.  We can do this because I want to help hurting people and make them feel better when they need a loving paw.

 Right now I’m curled up in a ball taking a nap and am the sweetest little puppy anyone could see and be with.

 I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!  Next week I see Dr. Scott and also will go for my first trip to the groomer so will tell you all about it.

 Paws of love to you! 


Caroline Rhea Perry, Ryan Broyles & Richie

Oh my goodness!  I have had such an exciting week!  I went to my first graduation ceremony!  I have had so many firsts since coming to Johnson City that I don’t know what to do and they have all been so different and so much fun. 

 I am 3 months old today, Tuesday, August 25th, and the time is going by so fast!

I seem to be growing every day and finding that I have a bark.  Laura says that jumping on someone is a no-no and when Laurie comes back we are going to work on the bark and jump.  I really like Laurie!  She knows how to get a pup to do what he’s supposed to do.  She also likes to give treats when I mind her.  She’ll be back in a week so the rest of the bunch better get on the ball and work with me – especially Laura.

Last night I attended GriefShare and had a wonderful time with all of those wonderful people who attended.  They really like me and gave me hugs, pats, and when I laid on my back; they would rub my belly and I really like that.  When the video played and Chris had the discussion, I sat on a couch with Laura in the back of the room and chewed my rubber bone and took a nap.  I really like to help make people feel better when they are sad.

 The most exciting thing I did last week was attend Laura’s granddaughter’s graduation from ETSU Family Nurse Practitioner School.  With Covid still hanging on with us, her parents had a graduation ceremony at their house and it was so much fun.  Kelly called Laura last Saturday afternoon and invited me to attend!  I couldn’t believe it when she told me that I was invited too.  We took my crate so I would have it if I got tired or needed to be put up if I was rowdy but I was so good that everyone there petted me and handed me around.  Laura and Carolyn Broyles, Caroline’s other grandmother were seated on the first row so she didn’t even see me for about an hour.  In fact, when the photos were made with Caroline after the graduation, her Uncle Ryan Broyles was holding me.  Imagine!  I went in my crate and napped while they ate supper but after supper – it was chaos!  There were four dogs at the party.  Caroline and Preston, her husband, have Remy, a Frenchie bull dog who I really liked because he was   

 small like me and they have Ranger a  golden retriever who could have cared less about us because all he wanted to do was run after balls thrown by Preston, Jack Rhea and Chip Rhea.  He ran for over an hour and didn’t even slow down.  I was so amazed by that.  Then, there was Carson the corgi who is Kelly and A.R.’s dog.  Carson scared me because he let me know immediately that it was his house and he would decide if he liked me or not.  I sat in a lot of laps for awhile and once when Laura had me, Remy got up on the seat beside me to let me know that he liked me and wanted to be my friend.  That made me feel better and then I was able to relax and we played.  By the end of the night, Carson was being nice to me so the evening ended on a high note for dogs and “parents.”

I like their yard so hope they invite me back another time. 

 Congratulations on your accomplishment Caroline.  You can see her with her Uncle Ryan and me after the graduation ceremony.  I was the only dog invited to that part of the festivities!

 That was a lot of what I did last week so am signing off for now.  Wish me luck, everybody as I grow and learn!  It’s not easy being in training but I know it’s something I must do to have my job here plus I love everyone because they spoil me for I am the baby!

 Have a good and safe week!

TV, Zoom, Meeting Richard Tetrick & Meeting Emma

Good morning, world!  It’s bright and beautiful and I’m going to be on Daytime Tri Cities on WJHL TV today.  Tetrick Funeral Services is co-sponsoring the 13 week GriefShare program with First Christian Church in Johnson City and Laura and I are going to be guests on the TV show and interviewed by the beautiful Amy Lynn.  I am so excited!  I’ve never been on TV before.  Laura told me that I must be a good boy and sit still in her lap but that’s next to impossible to be so still when you are a puppy.


We did the Zoom interview and what fun.  I was introduced to the viewers of the TV show and hope to see them in person some day.  Please stop in and meet me or I’ll see you around town when I’m bigger and better behaved.


**Emma and Richie **

I could not stay still but tried very hard to be good.  Several times I had Laura’s necklace in my mouth and was trying to chew it in two.  She had to wrestle it out of my mouth several times and pretend she was just petting me -like a Mama pinching her child in church to be good but smiling while she does it.

 This is wonderful!  Richard Tetrick just called to see if I’m available to meet him.  Am I!  So, Laura opened the back door and I ran out the door, down the back sidewalk and tried with my little short legs to jump up in his arms.  He reached down and scooped me up and it was love at first sight for both of us, I hope.  He calls me Richie the Wonder Dog and we had so much fun.  I’m so glad that he likes me and wants me to grow up and be the best therapy dog ever.

 This afternoon (Friday, the 14th)  I met my veterinarian, Ron Scott, DVM at Mountain Empire Animal Hospital.  Laura and Richard Tetrick went to school with him at the now University School so they only wanted him to be my vet.  Dr. Scott checked me from stem to stern, gave me a shot, and a test.  I was scared when they took me in but he made me feel like the special pup that I am.  They even gave me a toy when they took me back to the car.  Whew!  I’m glad that’s over with for a month when I have to go back for another shot series.

 After work we went to pick up Laura’s granddaughter to come and spend the night because she wants to spend time with me!  I can’t wait to play with Emma.  You can see a picture of her with her tiara on and me on her lap.  We had so much fun together.  I hope she comes back again.

 Next week I have my first training session with Laura and Laurie Johnston is going to be our trainer.  I hope we both obey and do well.  I’ll let you know how it goes and how my week is going.

 Happy Trails, everyone!